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The Role of Male Infertility In Fertility Treatment Plans

Human reproduction is a complex process, and many couples may have difficulty building their families. Infertility is diagnosed if a man and a woman have been having sex without protection for more than a year and the woman hasn't gotten pregnant. If the woman is 35 or older, infertility can be diagnosed after 6 months of unprotected intercourse without a pregnancy.

Fortunately, having infertility does not automatically mean you won’t be able to have a child with your partner. There are many treatments and procedures now available that can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

What Exactly Is Male Infertility?

male infertility treatment
male infertility treatment

Male infertility is a common reason that a couple may struggle to conceive. This typically means that a man does not have enough sperm that are released to result in a pregnancy with regular intercourse or if a man is not able to complete sexual intercourse because a problem with the erection or ejaculation.

Causes of Male Infertility

A variety of biological and environmental factors might have an impact on your fertility. Among the possibilities are the following:

Azoospermia: having no sperm released with ejaculation at all. This may be due a problem with the reproductive tract or the inability to produce sperm cells. It can also be related to a hormonal problem or a genetic issue.

Oligospermia: lower than normal sperm production. This can also can be related to a hormone, anatomic, or other medical issue.

Genetic Diseases: Klinefelter's syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, microdeletion, and other genetic illnesses can cause severe sperm abnormalities or azoospermia (a complete lack of sperm with ejaculation).

Malformed Sperm: Malformed Sperm may have trouble fertilizing the egg.

Medical Conditions: Diabetes, several autoimmune disorders, cystic fibrosis, and various infections are examples of medical problems.

Some drugs, supplements, and hormone treatments can cause the sperm to be abnormal.