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When conservative measures aren't enough, IVF is our pinch hitter. We're incredibly proud of the single baby birth rates we've achieved by combining the greatest advancements in technology with a comprehensive whole-body approach.


As cliche as it sounds, our calling in life is to help you welcome a baby into the world. We'll use every bit of our training, modern science, advanced technology, lab skills and most importantly, human-kindness skills, to fully support you and your partner through every step of the IVF process.


IVF is the most successful assisted reproductive technology available. With this treatment, your eggs are fertilized with sperm in our laboratory, creating embryos. A single embryo is then placed in your uterus, hopefully resulting in pregnancy.


We'll help you analyze whether this is the best course of action and will take it at your pace, answering all the questions you have so that you can focus on your next chapter-- being a parent! 


Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility


Dr. Wells's patients describe her as knowledgeable, thorough & a breath of fresh air. 

As one of the most successful REI's in the nation, Dr. Wells offers expertise that will help you clearly evaluate the best course of action. 


Lindsay Wells
Nicole Ulrich


Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology 


Dr. Ulrich is excited to join the amazing team at here Audubon Fertility. 

Dr. Ulrich has a strong commitment to furthering advancements in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and finding the best approaches for her patients.

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When is 
IVF used?
  • When conservative treatment is unsuccessful

  • If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

  • If you have an ovulation disorder, premature ovarian failure or uterine fibroids

  • If you've had your fallopian tubes removed

  • If your male partner has decreased sperm count or sperm motility

  • If you have a genetic disorder you prefer to not pass to your children

  • If you have unexplained infertility

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The IVF process











How does IVF work?

#1 - Ovary Stimulation

The first step of the IVF process is stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs, using fertility medication. We'll create a personalized protocol based on your age, past history and results of both hormonal and ultrasound evaluations. Periodic lab work and ultrasounds are done to monitor egg growth over the next 10 days. Then, a medication will be given to prepare your eggs for retrieval.


#2 - Egg Retrieval

During this 15 minute procedure, Dr. Wells or Dr. Ulrich will retrieve several eggs from your ovaries via the insertion of a needle through your vaginal wall. You’ll be under sedation and won’t feel a thing.


#3 - Insemination

Then your male partner gets to contribute by providing a semen sample, which is 'washed' (not like your laundry)--it separates the sperm from the seminal fluid, increasing the number of mobile sperm and improving the likelihood for fertilization. Only the all-stars are picked to mingle with your top quality eggs.


If your man is feeling a little gun shy, a semen sample can be produced ahead of time and cryopreserved until needed. In some male factor infertility cases, a testicular biopsy can also be performed as a method to extract sperm for IVF.


If there's a lower probability of fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) may be used, where a single sperm is injected directly into each of the eggs. The eggs are closely monitored to confirm that fertilization and cell division are taking place, resulting in embryos.


#4 - Embryo Culture

The impending embryos will hang out together between 3 to 5 days-- specifically, embryos are incubated in a perfect culture medium in a tightly controlled laboratory environment, where cells will grow to the blastocyst stage.


At this point, you'll have the option to have your embryos screened using PGS or PGD to detect genetic abnormalities or to select the gender.


#5 - Embryo Transfer
Then we'll simply transfer a single, healthy embryo into your uterus during ovulation. This procedure mimics that of a routine pap smear and has little pain or discomfort. For best results, the use of ultrasound technology is used to guide the catheter to the best location within the uterine cavity.



We offer Assisted Hatching, if necessary, where we help the cells of the embryo escape from their shell and implant on the uterine wall with ease. Another option we can utilize is a Blastocyst Transfer, to help us identify the very best embryo to transfer. 


If the procedure is successful, implantation (AKA pregnancy) is typically able to be detected around 9 to 11 days following the transfer.


Immediately after transfer, any remaining embryos will be frozen in our state-of-the-art laboratory just steps from the procedure room by our embryologists, who are the best in the field. Your embryos will be frozen using Vitrification, a flash-freezing technique that increases embryo survival rates to nearly 100%. 



Exceptional success rates, comfort, convenience & a whole-body approach. We'll make sure you have a wonderful experience.


Board Certified Physicians


Single Baby Birth Rate:

Higher than National Average


Excellent Success Rates:

Ask for our Report



Highly Experienced Team


Comfortable + Convenient


Whole-Body Approach:

Incorporating Yoga + Acupuncture

Ready? Let's make a baby. 

Get in touch whenever you're ready. We'll be right here.


“Dr. Wells is amazing. I am currently pregnant with my first because of her. Her nurses and staff are the best.

I think I called and email about 500 times during the whole IVF process with different questions or concerns and they were always there for me day and night.”

—  Samantha B.


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