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Finding a fertility physician that you jive with can be challenging. We get that. We're happy to provide free second opinion consults to help in your decision-making process and to hopefully gain some clarity regarding your personal plan.


Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist in the past? Are you unsure about their recommendations for your evaluation or treatment? Were your questions and concerns not addressed or explained? If so, Audubon Fertility would like to offer you a FREE 30-minute second opinion consultation with absolutely no obligations or strings attached.


We will be glad to provide a complimentary consultation for any client who has seen a reproductive endocrinologist in the past year and would like a second opinion. We will also spend time with you reviewing your medical history, testing and treatment to help you better understand the causes of your fertility challenges, along with your treatment options.




To schedule your free 30-minute second opinion consultation, simply:



  • Request an appointment online or call us at (504) 475-1458.

  • Let us know you would like a free 30-minute second opinion consultation.

  • Download the medical records release form and send it to your previous reproductive endocrinologist to request a copy of your medical records. Please note that it typically takes two weeks for a physician’s office to send the medical records.

  • Bring any medical records you have with you to the consultation.




Feel free to call us with any questions! 


We love keeping up with our tiny graduates! Check out our Facebook page for the latest. 

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