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When should my patients see an REI (fertility specialist)?


Infertility is defined as trying to conceive for 1 year if under the age of 35 years old and trying to conceive for 6 months if older than 35. If any patient is concerned or anxious about their fertility status, please refer them to us. If you have reason to believe they have underlying conditions affecting their fertility (for example: fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic scaring, male factor, etc), then immediate referral is warranted.



What is the first step for a patient?


Call the front desk at 504-891-1390 to schedule a new patient visit.

Does the physician need a physician referral?



Is insurance accepted?


Yes, we accept most insurances. Please call the front desk for more information..

How much is a new patient consultation?


Cash pay price is $250 for a new patient consultation. This is subject to change based on insurance and other services performed during consultation.

What labs can I order for them in advance of them coming to Audubon?


Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) is marker of ovarian reserve that is helpful to have prior to the patients first appointment with us. We also require a full preconception panel and recommend myriad genetic screening that we can order at their first appointment.

How can I order a Semen Analysis?


Please fax orders to Audubon Lab at 504-407-2123 or email them to If you need the order form, please call the lab at 504-564-7965 and we'll gladly email or fax the form to you. Once you send the order, patients can call Audubon Lab directly to schedule an appointment at 504-564-7965 or email

If pregnancy is achieved, when does the pregnant patient come back to me?


We see patients in early pregnancy up to 11 weeks. We recommend our patients return to their OB/GYN by 12 weeks.

Do you offer genetic testing?


We do recommend genetic carrier screening (Myriad) prior to starting treatment. Many IVF patients do PGT-A genetic testing on their embryos. We also offer NIPT testing at 10 weeks. All records will be sent to the patient’s OB/GYN.

Do you offer gender selection?


Yes, we have options for family balancing if patients are interested.

Do you offer services for same-sex couples?


Yes! We have many services available for same-sex couples including OI/IUI with anonymous donor sperm, known donor sperm, reciprocal IVF and transgender fertility preservation.

Do you offer third party fertility services?

Yes, we offer fertility care using anonymous donor sperm and donor eggs. We have a patient-to-patient donor embryo program and are able to assist with gestational carriers if needed.

What is the process for someone interested in elective egg or embryo freezing for social purposes?

Please have the patient call the front desk and schedule a consult for an egg or embryo freezing consultation. We recommend an evaluation of ovarian reserve for any patient who is interested in fertility preservation.

What is the process for an oncology patient who interested in freezing their eggs?

We know the process is time sensitive. Please contact our office directly to start the process of evaluating ovarian reserve. We will work closely with the Oncologist to provide the safest quality of care for our patients.