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Fertility preservation isn't always possible for oncology patients, but it's our goal for you to at least have a conversation with your oncologist about your options. We partner with ReUnite RX to help cover costs. 


In the days following a life-changing diagnosis, you'll likely make many difficult decisions regarding your immediate medical needs. We at Audubon Fertility are here to focus on your life after cancer. All too often treatment is pursued without even having a conversation regarding fertility options, and we hope to change that. 


It's important to talk with your oncologist as soon as possible about your fertility preservation options, which will depend on your specific type of cancer and treatment recommended. If you receive approval, call us as soon as possible following diagnosis and we can begin immediately and usually have you back to your oncologist in 3 weeks or less. 


We'll make your fertility needs our top priority. We'll set up an appointment with Dr. Wells or Dr. Ulrich within two business days and then set-up an expedited fertility preservation plan, with minimal disruption to your oncologist’s treatment schedule.


If you've already begun or completed cancer treatment, we may still be able to offer effective fertility preservation options--just call our office to set-up a consult. 


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Financial Support

Once you've been cleared by your oncologist to pursue fertility preservation, you'll want to book an expedited appointment with us and then connect with ReUnite RX, who provides a full range of resources and fertility discounts for men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer.


We also offer discounted rates through our pharma partners and partner surgery center. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact our office.


to ask your onco

  • Will my cancer treatment cause me to be infertile? Do you expect this to be temporary or permanent? 

  • Is there anything that can be done before starting my cancer treatment to increase the likelihood that I will be able to have children?

  • I am interested in freezing my eggs or embryos. Is this an option for me? 

  • Is sperm banking an option for me? 

  • Now that my cancer treatment has ended, I would like to have children. Is it okay for us to become pregnant?

  • We have been trying to get pregnant without success. Should we talk to an infertility specialist? 

  • 'Natural cycle IVF' and special medications can be used to avoid excess stimulation of estrogen.

  • We can see oncofertility patients within 48 hours of the initial phone call. 

  • Treatment can be expedited to get you back to your oncologist in less than three weeks.

  • Due to a new flash-freezing method called Vitrification, you can come back to your egg/embryos at any time down the road when you are ready to start your family.

  • We offer comprehensive fertility services including BRCA Testing, Single Embryo Transfer, Third Party Reproduction: Donor Sperm or Egg; Gestational Carriers. 

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How the process works












Efficient  We offer appointments within 48 hours with no out-of-pocket costs.


Expedited treatment  We can complete treatment and get you back to your oncologist in less than three weeks.


Discounted rates  We offer the most cost-effective rates in New Orleans for oncology egg/embryo freezing. 


Free medication Through our partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and ReUnite RX, we offer assistance in obtaining free medication for oncology patients. 


Personalized care Following an initial consultation, our physician will develop a customized treatment plan.


Cozy environment  We treat patients in a comfortable outpatient setting. 


Results  Dr. Wells and Dr. Ulrich are board-certified physicians with exceptional success rates. 


We love keeping up with our tiny graduates! Check out our Facebook page for the latest. 

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