Whatever your reason  -- finding the right partner --  pursuing higher education -- focusing on your career. Now you have options. Egg freezing let's you decide when parenthood is right for you. 

Is Egg Freezing

Right for you?

  • Give yourself the time needed to achieve other important life goals, such as education, career or relationship

  • Your egg count begins to slowly decline at the age of 27 and is followed by a rapid decline after the age of 35

  • Egg transfer success rates are similar, if not better than fresh eggs

  • The physical risks for you and your future baby are low

  • Get informed and get empowered--choices for your life are yours to make

How egg freezing works

















The Process

#1 - Fertility Assessment + Consult

You'll get a chance to sit down with Dr. Wells to have an in-depth discussion of your needs, expectations, and the process involved. When you're ready we'll perform a fertility analysis to get an idea of your current egg fitness and discuss the cost of egg freezing. 


Fertility testing can include hormonal lab tests (AMH, FSH, LH), a preconception screening, and ovarian/uterine evaluation.


#2 - Ovary Stimulation

When your cycle starts we'll stimulate egg production with individualized fertility medications. Periodic lab work and ultrasounds are done to monitor egg growth over the next 10 days. Then, a medication will be given to prepare your eggs for retrieval.


#3 - Egg Retrieval

During this 15 minute procedure, Dr. Wells or Dr. Junaeu will retrieve several eggs from your ovaries via the insertion of a needle through your vaginal wall. You’ll be under sedation and won’t feel a thing.


#4 - Egg Freezing (Cryopreservation)

Immediately after retrieval, your eggs will be frozen in our state-of-the-art laboratory, just steps from the procedure room by our embryologists, who are the best in the field. Your eggs will be frozen using vitrification, a flash-freezing technique that increases egg survival rates to nearly 100%. 


#5 - Come Back When You're Ready

Whenever you're ready to start your family, our embryologists will fertilize your eggs and create embryos with your sperm of choice. Then we'll simply transfer a single, healthy embryo into your uterus during ovulation.


And voilà--your family on your timeline! 


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