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Successful Ways to Overcome Male Infertility or Low Sperm

Difficulty conceiving due to an absent or low sperm count, motility, or morphology is referred to as male infertility. Male factor infertility can be caused by illnesses, injuries, persistent health problems, lifestyle choices, and other factors. The inability to have a child can be stressful but male factor infertility treatment options are available.

Causes of Male Infertility or Low Sperm Count

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Environmental Exposures

Many men in Louisiana with low sperm counts are found to have some kind of exposure to heat. This can be through hot tub or sauna use, heat exposure through work, or recent high fever. If these exposures can be avoided for 2-3 months, the semen analysis often improves.

Lifestyle Factors

Certain other lifestyle factors or habits can cause low sperm count. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight while trying to conceive will boost your chances of success. The following are the most common dangers to a man's fertility:

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Steroids anabolic

  • Smoking cigarettes

  • Toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, paint, and solvents exposure

  • Obesity

Chronic or genetic disease

While most genetic causes of low or absent sperm production are uncommon, several chronic diseases and/or drugs used to treat them are causes of male infertility. For example, low sperm count can be caused by conditions such as testicular or prostate cancer, diabetes, excessive blood pressure, and peripheral vascular disease.

Anatomic Disorders

Some men