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We're confident in our success rates and in our mission to help all families successfully conceive, so we offer a special program to ease the financial burden. 


At Audubon Fertility, our physicians stand firmly behind each and every IVF cycle we perform, as well as our high pregnancy and single baby success rates. Therefore, we offer a financial Assurance Plan that is very different from that of other centers.


We do our best to provide exceptional value to our clients by sharing the risk with a free second fresh IVF cycle offer.*





If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and/or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET’s), then your second fresh IVF cycle (and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles**) is FREE of physician fees.* We will continue with this process until you are pregnant — our ultimate goal together!


This program excludes patients with insurance coverage for IVF. It is for cash pay patients only.

* Patient is still responsible for anesthesia, laboratory, and medications.

** For the subsequent cycles, this Assurance Plan only applies to the same type of IVF treatment.

** Dr. Wells’ Financial Assurance Plan is not applicable to Embryo Adoption.

** PGD/PGS Patients


If a patient’s PGS report reflects no normal embryos, they will also qualify for this Assurance Plan. If a patient has a normal embryo report and they elect to do another IVF cycle without having a transfer they will not qualify for the Assurance Plan.


Call us at (504) 475-1458 or request a consult to discuss your specific needs.

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