Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test
And Semen Analysis

Are we infertile?


Most couples do not know they have a fertility problem until they have tried unsuccessfully for what often seems like an eternity (1 year for women <35 years and 6 months >35 years). During November, Audubon Fertility is offering a Fertility Screen to help couples either put their minds at ease or facilitate them getting the treatment they need. This screen will test both a woman’s AMH level and a man’s sperm count.  



I know what a sperm count is, but what’s an AMH level?

AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) is a blood test that helps to estimate what is called “ovarian reserve” or the number of eggs a woman has.

I’m interested. How does this work?

The screen will cost $100.  This will include both the semen analysis and the AMH level.  For our same sex couples we will provide two AMH levels or two semen analyses. Just call Audubon Fertility at (504) 891-1390 to schedule.  When your results are back, one of our providers will review them and provide you with an interpretation and any recommendations.